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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mount Rae Greys

My friend Mark Selmes, from Mt Rae forest, between Crookwell and Taralga, NSW often sends me images he has taken of the Grey Kangaroos and/or Wallaroos with whom he shares life in the Mt Rae forest. Tonight I am sharing some of his latest images.

His latest message was: "Pics - wild eastern grey with joey - spending a bit of time out of pouch,but sticking close to Mum."
"La Pieta" (Mt Rae style)
Grey Kangaroo doe with joey
"Watching animals in the wild -especially at play- allows us to observe
qualities we all share
and helps us to realise that we have a common bond.
(even with the most maligned of species)."
Can I climb up, Mum?
Grey Kangaroo youngster feeling frisky.
"Without the world of nature in all its many forms 
we would all be poorer in spirit 
and eventually as natural ecosystems collapse so would our world."

Grey Kangaroo doe showing her pouch opening
"Hope you enjoy the pics, I know I enjoyed taking them."
Cute Joey - thinking up a prank to play on Mum.
My own comment is that Mark is (for his sins) now serving time on the Board of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

I have previously shared with you images of some of the lovely Orchids which Mark has found growing at the Mt Rae Forest, including the endangered Buttercup Doubletail Orchid, Diuris aequalis.

Having seen some of the wild creatures which live in the Mt Rae Forest, I am sure you will agree that their home ought be protected from native forest logging.


Flabmeister said...

Wonderful photos. 'Our' joeys are generally a little more camera shy, preferring to be snapped with random body parts sticking out of the pouch.


PS the security word for this is 'puseless'. That should be in the English language!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Yes, I am a sucker for cute Joey shots, and Mark spends a lot of time with his Roos, and they trust him. So he gets some lovely "quiet moment" shots.
Like your "random body parts sticking out" comment.


Mac_fromAustralia said...

I never get tired of seeing kangaroo photos. Absolutely adorable :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mac
Yes, I agree.
I couldn't resist publishing them, even though they are not from Robbo. Close enough, and I have published some stories about Mark's place anyway.
But back to the images, yes, the first shot absolutely captivated me.
And the last one is pretty cute too.
Glad you liked them.

Doug said...

Bonding of animals is always nice to see ,fluffy or not it's all good and reminds us that animals have some amazing qualities from which we could all learn from .

Doug said...

Bonding of all animals is a lovely thing to see and reminds us that animals ,fluffy or not,can keep us all in check and on a better path.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Doug
I agree, Doug, we can all learn by observing animals.