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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beard Orchids (Calochilus sp)

The "Beardies" are coming into bloom.

This is the Red Beard Orchid, Calochilus paludosus.
Its specific name means "swamp-liking", as seemed appropriate for this specimen, which was growing amongst rushes on a "soak", high on Leebold Hill at Red Rock Reserve (top of Cambewarra Range), above Kangaroo Valley. But it can also be found on dry sandstone slopes in Kangaloon.

As these flowers mature (especially in warm weather) the dorsal sepals of this species will open virtually to a reflex position (almost lying flat - backwards).

All of these images might need to be clicked on, to enlarge them, to see the details.

Calochilus paludosus - Red Beard Orchid - side view

Calochilus paludosus - Red Beard Orchid - note the golden base of the labellum

This next species was previously known as Calochilus robertsonii, but has now been re-named.
Calochilus platychilus - Purple Beard Orchid
Calochilus platychilus - Purple Beard Orchid
Calochilus platychilus - low angle view to show the column details.
Calochilus paludodus showing the fully reflexed dorsal sepal
 This plant was photographed yesterday at Douglas Park,
above the Nepean River,
at the St Mary's Tower monastery..
It does also grow at Kangaloon and in Kangaroo Valley.
The third local species is the "Copper Beard Orchid" 
Calochilus campestris.
Calochilus campestris - note the large "nose" (the column)
Calochilus campestris has two dark, flattened plates high on the labellum

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