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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dharawal State Conservation Area - full of flowers in Springtime

I have uploaded a  bunch of photos to my Facebook album "Spring Flowers of Dharawal State Conservation Area".
The link is:
I hope you can view it (Facebook says everyone can view this album). We shall see.
Gymea Lily - a magnificent head of flowers on 3 metre tall stem
Please let me know by commenting, if you cannot access the Album.

It has taken me hours to put this album together and to name all the plants, so I am too tired now, to do anything else, but to just paste in a few images here.
Calytrix tetragona - note the fine "awns" attached to the flower

Eriostemon australasicus - a lovely plant.

Thanks to Sharyn and her husband for guiding me around Dharawal SCA, today.
It is much appreciated.
A wonderful mini-waterfall - small creek flows over a large rock shelf.
Dharawal is a wonderful place, and warrants being converted to a National Park, as promised by the Premier Barry O'Farrell.

Some of the endangered Frog species in Dharawal breed in these rock pools
Please read the Press announcement by Kevin Evans, CEO of the National Parks Association of NSW.



mick said...

Hi Denis, I went over to the Facebook page and all the photos loaded up perfectly. They are all beautiful and I was surprised at how many of them I actually knew from up here. I know very little about the plants and flowers - too much focus on birds I guess!- so the range of flowers you saw down there was very interesting. Now I am wondering if the Gymea lilies I have planted in my garden are going to flower this year.

Flabmeister said...


The Facebook link worked for me. Of course, it was well worth looking at!


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick and Martin.
Good to know the link does work for others. Sometimes things like that work only for members of Facebook.
Mick there are many similarities between Dharawahl and your "Wallum".
Perhaps different particular species, but similar plant range. Of all the plants I photographed yesterday, only the Eriostemon australasicus is "endemic" to the local area (50 Km radius approx).
Compared to the other Eriostemon species (many of them have been renamed to Philotheca) these flowers are huge. The buds are larger than a kids "marble", and they open to almost a 20 cent coin diameter.
Very pretty flowers,and they were literally everywhere.
Just wonderful.