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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seacliff Bridge March for Stop CSG Illawarra

This is a follow-up to my post of yesterday 
for Blog Action Day

I have posted a set of images of the  
Seacliff Bridge March 16 Oct. 2011 Stop CSG Illawarra. 
You can find them at this link to my Picasa Album.

It was a great day, and a wonderful sense of community.
And what a location.
Plus the walk took us past "Coal Cliff"
Illawarra escarpment - looking north from Leeder Park, Coalcliff
 Congratulations to the organisers of the march, the Stop CSG Illawarra group.

 I spoke with this lady and her brother about the Green Eureka Flag.
I had heard about this flag from Anne Kennedy
who knows the young designer of this flag
Benjamin Wild.
The lady was keen to talk about it
as she told me she was the very first person to buy this flag
"My order was No 1 on the list", she said proudly.
Lots of familiar Water campaigners, 
and Rivers SOS people, anti-CSG mining campaigners, 
and many, many children and dogs there supporting the cause.
They're the hope of the future (well, the kids anyway).
Clr Greg Petty, and his wife and Kim with Shoo Cockatoo Banners
Part of the march on the Seacliff Bridge
Enthusiastic abseilers effect the "Banner Drop"
The crowd walking up towards the end of the March
Mal from The Wilderness Society, one of the Drummers
Congratulations to the Lord Mayor of Wollongong, Gordon Bradbury, 
and the Councillors who have supported this cause.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbury and Councillors supporting the Rally
And congratulations to the Police and Ambulance and Fire Brigade and RFS officers who have managed the crowd and traffic control superbly, and demonstrated community solidarity beautifully.

Coalcliff - History
The name Coalcliff originated in 1797 when three survivors of a wreck set out to walk to Sydney. They found coal here and used it to light a fire for warmth. After they were rescued they reported the presence of coal and Governor Hunter sent George Bass to investigate. Bass found several seams that extended for some distance and conjectured that they might extend throughout the range.
You can read more of the history of this place here.

coal visible at the base of "Coal Cliff" - from Seacliff Bridge.


Flabmeister said...

Well done Denis. Good coverage on ABC radio news yesterday evening.

(I missed the TV news due to masochism requiring me to watch the debacle at Eden Park on a commercial channel.)

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin.
The Rugby was a sad ending to an otherwise good day. Mind you - they were on borrowed time, as they didn't deserve to beat the Boks (even though I was happy they won that match).