Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its "Wood Duck" duckling season in Robertson

I have just been sent this wonderful Dutch video.
Thanks to George for sending it on.
It is linked here - you can download it for free.

There are some words in Dutch, but you hardly need words.
Original title seems to refer to "Spring cleaning".
The French caption (in the linked title) says "Never remove the dead leaves at the base of a tree"

  • It is simply beautiful imagery.
  • Mother Duck encourages kids to jump out of tree hollow, to join her on the ground.
  • one by one, they jump.
  • And when they're all down, whole new world opens up before them.
Seeing baby ducks always makes me feel optimistic.

There are some "Australian Wood Duck" (Chenonetta jubata) family groups around Robertson at present - but the parents always guide them away from the road, as soon as my car slows down. By the time I get the camera out - they are always well away.

Wood Duck family - Dad - on left - being "protective" (always closest to me)

Mother Duck leading the kids away
Wood Duck family - Safe distance, we can all start feeding again.
My Blogging colleague David, has a much better photograph of a Wood Duck family swimming in a local pond somewhere on the Far South Coast of NSW. His post was dated 2 August, but he's on the coast - so life starts earlier - in every sense - on the Coast.

Enjoy Springtime - how could you not?

My birding colleague and fellow Blogger, Martin, has queried if (i.e., suggested that - possibly) the female Duck might be an American Wood Duck?
I cannot be sure.
I had assumed it was European, but on doing a bit of a search, it looks right for a Female American Wood Duck (the eye marking is distinctive, it seems) and they do nest in trees.
Martin has also posted about our Aussie Wood Ducks hanging around in a tree. It certainly looks to me that they are "lurking with intent"

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