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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Diuris sulphurea, and an odd pure white "Caladenia"

There is a small colony of Diuris sulphurea that I wait for every year, to come into flower. They are right on the roadside verge of Tourist Road, Kangaloon.

Unfortunately, there are only two flowers out yet, and not many coming on. 
It is not looking like a good year for Diuris in the Southern Highlands, at least not yet. 
Maybe it is just our extended cold wet spell which is holding things back a bit? 
Or maybe I am just impatient?
I confess to being reluctant to lie on the ground and get closer photos.
The Tiger Orchids were being guarded by a nest of black "Jack Jumper" Bullants with yellow pincers.
I did the best I could, just stooping over and then moving away quickly, flicking Bullants off my jeans.
Diuris sulphurea - Tiger Orchid

Diuris sulphurea - Tiger Orchid - side view.
Here is another lovely Orchid, which I figure is actually an "alba form", rather than a different species.
I does not have any yellow tips on the "calli"
(the little lumps along the labellum)
nor on the rolled down tip of the labellum.
It retains a hint of green in the solid part of the flower (the Column)
Petalochilus species - an "alba form"?
Side view of "alba form" of Petalochilus species.
This plant was surrounded by a loose group of other Petalochilus fuscatus plants (or so I believe). 

So unless or until I hear otherwise, I shall just call this an "alba form" of Petalochilus (otherwise known as "Caladenia").

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