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Christmas Bells
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hail Storm this evening

Mid afternoon, the sky darkened over the Kangaroo Valley and then I lost all sight of the Valley and there was just a wall of water coming towards Robertson.

It looked more impressive than it turned out to be.
About 5 minutes worth of rain - then it cleared.

Threatening clouds coming up from Kangaroo Valley

A wall of water (rain) coming up the Valley
Visibility range about 2.5 Km
(down from 60 Km in the morning).

However, the real treat came later into the evening.
A really noisy episode of heavy rain and hail.
A bit of thunder, but not much.
Apologies for the blurred imagery.
Ever tried to focus on hail, in the dark?
Even at 1/500 sec exposure, it still blurred.

This is what the storm looked like, 
on the Bureau's Radar imagery.
Robertson is smack bang underneath
the top red marker. 
Click to enlarge the image, and check the locality.

Bureau of Meteorology Radar chart tonight.
I might have to go and check Carrington Falls again, tomorrow.

I recorded 64 mm of rain to 9:00am the next morning.
Pretty impressive for a series of storms which kept lashing us, leaving, then another one would arrive.


Flabmeister said...


Similar to the Monaro situation. We scored 10mm in a couple of storms yesterday arvo and have had 10.5 steady mm overnight.

Our lawn again looks like eel heaven.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin.
Ours, like yours, was a series of squalls.
Well I have now tallied the score at 64 mm. Fitzroy Falls got 84 mm, apparently, which would be right, as that's where the storm came past, before it got to Robbo.
Off to check the local waterfalls now.
Enjoy the Eel weather.