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Christmas Bells
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Friday, March 09, 2012

Robbo Show - Day 1

The annual Robertson Show started today.

With the huge rain over previous days, the Committee decided that the Ring Events would not be held, in the interests of safety. So, no horse events were held in the main arena and the School Kids missed out on the Spud Olympics.

The Show Pavilion events were of course able to be held, and the Cattle judging proceeded unhindered.
I helped out with the Cut Flower section, and I was pleased to see that many local people managed to give a good display of flowers - despite the huge rain and the winds which came at the end of the rainfall event.

Here are some of the Cut Flower winners, including some very fine Dahlias.

I have a soft spot for the kids entries 
where they make up little "characters" and models
using vegetables, with some imagination and some household utensils.

The serious Vegetable exhibitors regard 
the Robertson Show awards as highly prestigious.
This Collection of Vegetables also notched up the
award for the Most Successful Exhibitor
for the winner.

A fitting award for the Champion Vegetable Exhibit
Anna Williams won with her Cucumbers
Very fine Rhubarb examples.
The Baby Vegetable award was a bit of a surprise to me
But I am not the Judge
in the Vegetables Section.

These are just a few of the entries and awards at the Show Pavilion.
The handicraft, photographic entries, 
the cakes and jams and preserves, etc 
are all of very high standard.

I took some photos of the Dairy Cattle today
Milking Cows, young Heifers, etc.
But I not an expert in such matters.
Frankly I can hardly tell a good cow from another
But the Show Judges can, and that's their expertise..

More tomorrow.


Flabmeister said...


A pity the kids missed out on the Spud Olympics. Presumably this was a result of their Mums not looking forward to washing the mud off the clothes!

Will the demo derby still go ahead? It could be the first motor sport event (or possibly any event) won by a Collins Class submarine!

I think the security check words are longer than this comment!


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
I like the idea of entering the Collins Class Submarine in the Demolition Derby. It might be the only event those warships could ever win.
As of yesterday, that event was off the list, but it is sunny now, so maybe, just maybe.
Sorry about reinstating the Word Verifications, but the Spam Bots were driving me crazy. 6 or 8 per day. And they're not even real people, just machines, crawling the Net.
Off for Breakfast now, then to the Show to see if the Kids Pet Show is on. I really hope so.
Love the "Kid:Pet Look-alike" contest.
And one get the occasional Titan Stick Insect to photograph.

Le Loup said...

Good one. I don't recall seeing anything like this here since Harvest Festival in England when I was a kid. We used to donate part of our crops to the local village church, & they were supposed to give the crops to poor families.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Keith.
An interesting comment, from a different perspective.
I am not aware what happens with the fruit and vegies - but there is a strong sense of community here - so maybe something like that happens.
Robertson is still a good area for vegetables, but the economics of growing spuds is changing.
It used be famous for carrots and cabbages.
One of the main winners is a serious Certified Organic Producer.