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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Speculantha ventricosa - from the "Type location"

In the world of Botany, showing plants from the "type location" always has a certain cachet. You know you have the right species name.

In this case, Speculantha ventricosa was named by David Jones, from this site, in the Nebraska Estate, near St George's Basin, south from Nowra. I wrote about this species and its naming, last year. This plant is now listed on the NSW Threatened Species Act as Critically Endangered.

Alan and I went down to the Nebraska Estate specifically to find these plants. In fact we were almost too early in the season, but we did find a few plants in flower.

The habitat was mixed Turpentine and Eucalypt forest on deep grey sandy soil. The plants were growing along a roadside verge, but the surrounding forest had dense undergrowth. There are some semi-cleared blocks in the area too.

Speculantha ventricosa - a classic specimen

Speculantha ventricosa rosette and flower stem

Speculantha ventricosa
flower seen from above, rear.
The lateral petals are clearly flared.

Speculantha ventricosa
note the "points" of the
lateral sepals curling over the hood.
Also note the abrupt "sinus"
(the opening at front of the flower).

Speculantha ventricosa

Speculantha ventricosa
young flowers yet to open
(at top).

Speculantha ventricosanote the shape of the
rear of the flower
Speculantha ventricosaas the flowers age they grow more reddish.


Flabmeister said...


The word 'Estate' in the name of the site makes me feel anxious. Am I correct to feel that way or is my paranoia showing?


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
The Estate is a very old "Paper Estate" (1920s or thereabouts). The blocks were privately owned, mostly, but they never had development approvals granted. One of several such cases in the Shoalhaven Shire.
They are a "grey area" as far as Council is concerned.
There are some dwellings in the bush there, but not many.
Council will not close them down, nor will they do much to prevent further development. But they can not be granted DAs.
That's what happens in the bush!