Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Its coming to get us.

This is the Wednesday evening Radar Picture 
of rain heading our way. 
It has already started in Robertson 
and it is heading to Sydney and the Hunter.
This is the result of the fabled "East Coast Low
which the Weather Bureau has been promising us for days.
This is current, as at 8:30PM (more or less) 7 March 2012
The yellow indicated intense rainfall.
The rain is heading back in off the coast.

This is a picture of Alex, the Weatherzone guy, on Sunday, explaining to the Victorians and southern NSW people where all their rain had come from - straight down from the Tropics.

The Bureau has been predicting that that weather pattern would intensify and move back north, up the coast.
That is exactly what the first image shows is happening outside my Study window, right now.

There is a big High Pressure cell east of Tasmania.
It is holding the "front" - a line of low pressure air, right along the NSW Coast.
That air circulates in an anti-clockwise pattern, bringing moist air and rain in onto us.
Bureau's Barometric chart 7 March 2012
I would like to acknowledge the interesting reporting by Joy, when writing about Spiders in the Wagga Wagga area. She provided the basic links which I have subsequently followed and expanded upon.
Her story is more interesting than mine - I love a quirky weather and spider story.
But what I have written now is more pertinent to what is happening outside my window, as I write.

Incidentally, the Robbo Show is on this Friday and Saturday, and even if it stops raining now, it is is going to be wet underfoot. If it keep raining (as the Bureau is suggesting), we will all be like drowned rats.
But the show will go on - it always does.
And we will all have a good time - we always do.


Flabmeister said...

Best wishes for the Show. I hope the foul and freezing wind we are experiencing today doesn't spread to the relatively balmy Robbo!


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin

Looks like we will get a drenching (good for Sheep!).

If not at the very least, it will be muddy.
The Stock Car rally, at the very end of the show, will be amazingly messy.



Mac_fromAustralia said...

Weren't the spider photos amazing! This is another one I saw.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mac.
Beautiful photo of the spider webs.