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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Robbo Show - Day 2

 The theme for today is "Every Child - A Winner".

The start of a Kiddies Race - a potato relay event
But like all good events at the Robbo Show,
Rules can be adapted to suit the participants
so everybody can have a good time


The bigger kids start off

Al Mauger, one of the volunteer Stewards
acts as "Sheepdog" to ensure the little one doesn't get lost,
or trampled.

You see now what I mean.
The little one is running to the far end
as the main bunch come back
Big Al is guiding him along.

The little Kid has just reached the far end
and he and Al turn back, for the return journey

At the end, Al ensures the littlest winner
gets a ribbon to record the event.
I think that makes everyone a winner,
not only the Children.



Day 2 of the Robbo Show has the  
This is NOT a Potato Sack Race, 
but an event where athletes carry a sack of Potatoes 
around the Robertson oval.

1st $150, 2nd $50, 3rd $25, 4th $15, 5th $10

Contestants line up for the Junior Potato Race
The Junior winner approaches the finish line

Competitors to carry 12.5Kg of Potatoes for approximately 400metres.
1st $150, 2nd $50, 3rd $25, 4th $15, 5th $10

The start of the Ladies Potato Race

The leaders emerge from the pack.

Sorry about the quality of this image.
Its the only shot I got of the Winner coming home.

The Ladies Race finalists gather at the end
- all satisfied that they have run a good race.

Competitors to carry 50Kg of Potatoes for approximately 400metres.
1st $1000 & sash, 2nd $140, 3rd $70, 4th $50,
5th $20, 6th - 9th $10
SPECIAL PRIZE: $300 to First Berrima District Competitor to finish
(Must be a resident of Wingecarribee Shire)


One of the contestants is carrying his mate
dressed up in a Potato Sack

Is this the result of some bizarre challenge,
or a Bet?
Perhaps best not to ask.

They're off
Two clear leaders have emergedat "The Old Gum Tree" point.
Pat Pearse - the eventual winner - approaches the line
Pat has won this event previously.
He is a very good athlete.
Aah, the Look of Pain!

And another contestant bravely battling on.

Remember these guys?
I reckon they both did very well,
because the guy on the shoulders
must have had a rough trip too.

Do you remember the guy who
watched over the littlest contestant in the first race?
This is him.
Al Mauger finishing his own race.
He gets my vote for Winner of the Day

To me, the Robbo Show is all about participation, and community.
That's what makes it such a great event.

So what if some little kid 
didn't actually cross the finish line first?
He finished, he got the ribbon.
He is a winner.

So what if the 50 Kilo Bag of Spuds 
was actually your mate, or your brother?

Rules are meant to be bent, 
so people might enjoy themselves.

We are on this earth for a short time.
If we can make it brighter and better place for everyone,
that's what everyone will remember about us.

Let every Child be a Winner.
and if we all show a bit of 
"The Child Within Us"
so be it.
That way we can all be Winners.


mick said...

It sounds like a fun day and I like your idea of making the earth a better and brighter place for everyone!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick.
Hardly an original thought on my part.
Just drawing inspiration from watching what took place, naturally, at the Show, today.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

Aww, good fun! Nice post :-)

Denis Wilson said...

You would have enjoyed the Show, Mac.