Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Continuous Beetles?

As I write, a swarm of Beetles
passes by my window.

The swarm fails to pass - it is so large,
but Beetles continue to pass my window.

Continuous Beetles - on the warm evening breeze.
After a warm, windy day, the sun has just set (8:20 p.m.). These small brown beetles have been showing up for a few evenings now, but tonight they are literally swarming everywhere.

Staring towards the post-sunset sky, I could not believe the masses of darting, droning, flapping figures, all flying with drooping bodies, shell-wings held high, to allow the membranous wings space in which to flap. The flight of Beetles always looks to be hard work, compared to the flight of Butterflies or Moths. But, looking out my window, it is clearly working for them!

Without a full protective shield of fly-screens, I have had to close those un-shielded windows. A sticky night lies ahead.

Forgive my lack of scientific knowledge about these Beetles - apparently there are some 1,500 species of Beetles which occur in the Sydney region. They are the success story of the Insect Kingdom - who am I to question their credentials when it comes to flight?


ah said...

We call them all Christmas beetles, I guess that must be completely wrong...? I mean, the Christmas is still a few weeks away and all. They have this unique habit of hanging around in the bedroom, waiting for you to just fall asleep and then hitting you in the middle of your forehead with a bang. Are they suicidal? What on earth is on their minds?

Denis Wilson said...

Never ask what is on the mind of a beetle. You will probably be disappointed.
They fall in love with lights. How stupid is that?
The true Christmas Beetles are fairly large, and bronzish coloured, with a sheen of colour.
They feed exclusively on Eucalypts, so Robertson is probably not much troubled by them - all that Sassafras and Blackwood would not suit them