Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A weekend to be thankful for

My partner Judy has been visiting Robertson for the weekend. She was invited to attend a party, but she also came determined to do a bunch of work on the house. Judy has been itching to get into the painting. She sees it as an opportunity, a challenge, leading to a great achievement.

I was doing a bit of a panic about actually starting painting -painting the inside of the house. I mean, this is a major step, which I have been dreading for nearly 2 years now. To a procrastinator of my excessiveness, this is something to be dreaded. You can see from the photo that I was not "relaxed and comfortable"! Anyway, I banished myself to the spare bedroom to begin the "safer" task of flaking off the old paint on the ceiling.

That decision allowed Judy to just get on with the painting, without my anxiety levels peaking too high. Needless to say, a start has been made on the painting. Well done, Judy.

The Party was a delayed "Thanksgiving" event. A fine dinner was enjoyed by all, followed by a series of fine performances by the members of the assembly.

The younger members performances included a performance of the amazing "Floosh's Snail Circus", presented by Jasper, a very experienced "Snail Wrangler", and the entrepreneur behind this vastly amusing performance. I was taken with the "high wire" performance, and the "pyramid" was very funny, too. Other show stoppers were the trapeze performance, the "wheel of death", and the "tower climb".
Snail photos published with encouragement from Anni's blog.

Another of the up-and-coming performers was Charlotte, perfoming a jig, with great enthusiasm and skill. I thought she was going to tie her legs in knots.
Harry, George and Charlie displayed their frenetic "air guitar" style.
The Rapunzel story was given a series of post-modernist renditions by Freya, Olivia, Bianca and Imogen. These same performers also gave a very funny performance, almost a mime, of 4 girls (perhaps at a "sleep over") trying to get some sleep.
Max performed a J.S. Bach "Bourree" with notable sensitivity, on the Electric Guitar.

The adult members of the group also gave a variety of spoken word performances, poetry readings and musical performances. Discretion prevents me from commenting further.

Judy P. claimed an exemption from a live performance, on the basis that she had performed "in the kitchen". Despite the fact that the same claim could have been made by many other people, this claim was accepted, in view of the originality of her Thanksgiving Icecream - Spiced Pumpkin Icecream, with Ginger, and Pecan Nuts, each decorated with a stylised "Turkey Tail", made from fresh toffee.

A fine time was had by one and all. Special thanks to our hosts - you know who you are!

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