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Christmas Bells
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Friday, December 02, 2005

A little bit of a Viking?

Everywhere I look - grass, more grass, taller grass, seeding grass. A veritable ocean of grass. I am drowning in it.
Today a very useful chap came and mowed the long grass and weeds around the house, and along the track down to the shed. We even pulled out a few Blackberry bushes, which risk overtaking those long suffering plants which are still in pots. Thanks are due to the guy concerned, and his sponsor. Names have been suppressed, to protect the innocent. But thanks, J, anyway.

The Briggs and Stratton motor on my Lawnmower, which had not been turned over in nearly a year, started 1st pull I swear. First pull! Not on the 3rd time, nor the 6th. No need to think about cleaning the spark plug. No, first pull! Amazing, and wonderful. So, I thought I'd give them a "plug" - a bit of free publicity.

My willing assistant and I got the Brushcutter (brand name suppressed) running, eventually. It turned over on the 5th pull, coughed, choked, died. We cleaned the air filter, and got it going, we tweaked the tuning a little, the mix was too rich, I was advised. Anyway, it is now ready for me to do battle with the really serious weeds - the Scotch Thistles, (Onopordum acanthium) which are about to spread their seeds if I don't get into them this week.
Photo: courtesy of the Washington State Noxius Weed Control Board (USA).
"History: Scotch thistle has been credited with helping Scotland fend off Viking invasion. As the Vikings moved into Scotland for a sneak attack, they yelled out in pain when they stumbled through thistle plants. Their cries alerted the Scots and allowed them to push out the Vikings. Since then, Scotch thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland." (W.S.N.W.C.B.)
When dealing with Scotch Thistles, I cry out in pain, too. Perhaps there is a touch of the Viking about me? Could be - beneath all that Irish ancestry, somewhere, maybe.


Sarah Tahourdin said...

Hi Dennis,
congratulations on your blog, I found myself immersed for far too long - but a pleasant diversion on a long afternoon. I really like the fact that you give credit where credit's due (Aust Museum, Lamington NP etc.) and find your observations both entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work! If you need to organise a privet-pulling working bee count me in.
Warm wishes, Sarah

ah said...

You have been a victim of some Scottish propaganda - a few thistles would not make true viking yell of pain, surely!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Sarah. Very supportive commments. Much appreciated.

AH - I am surprised that you would take the side of the Vikings. I thought the Finns were a more independent people than that! :-)