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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Kangaloon Aquifer. What is happening?

Before we get political, here's a medical update.

Dad is now on day 10 after "stem cell" re implantation. He has had a few days of feeling low, but not desperately ill.
However, the blood count stats have now turned the corner. White cells were at zero, but are now statistically meaningful: 0.1;0.2;0.4;0.5.
So he thinks it safe to proclaim himself the "come-back kid.
One main side effect... His grey and white hair (now only stubble, as he cut his hair before treatment started) keeps falling out. Being the proud owner of a Minature Schnauzer, this means that he and the lovely Lena will not be winning any Dog/Owner look alike competitions in the near future. Tragic!
xxx Zoe.

The Kangaloon Aquifer. What is happening?

Regular readers will know of my concern about the proposal by Mr Iemma to pump dry the Kangaloon Aquifer.
Peta Seaton M.L.A convened a well attended public meeting in Robertson. A consultative group was to be set up.
Unfortunately, I have been out of contact recently. But my local friends have been keeping thier eyes and ears open. They seem to have heard little or nothing. <p>

I fear that Peta Seaton is sitting on the issue, hoping to use it against the Iemma government, in next year's election. That would be understandable. However, it is a risky strategy. <p>

Given the physical simplicity of drilling a few more bores (in addition to the "test" bores already drilled), connecting a pump to each bore, and a length of pipe from each bore to the nearest creek - draining the aquifer could easily begin long before the election. <p>

This issue is too serious to be subsumed beneath political convenience (or advantage) for individual local members.

A) If pumping commences, I will blame Matt Brown M.L.A, member for Kiama (ALP) for choosing loyalty to Government over concern for the environment.

B) But I shill also blame Peta Seaton M.L.A for sitting on her hands while work proceeded under her nose.

C) that would be a lose: lose: lose scenario.
Matt Brown might lose his seat.
Peta Seaton will not lose her seat, but will lose any credibility she might have on environmental issues.
But the environment will be the biggest loser.


I accept responsibility for political content of this blog entry.
Denis Wilson,
Robertson NSW.

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