Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Leo's new Peony Blog

My Peony Pal, Leo, lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. That is part of the region known as "The Maritimes", because, compared to the rest of Canada, it has a temperate climate, moderated by the fact that it is virtually an island, really an odd-shaped peninsula, sitting off the south-east corner of Canada. It lies south of the mighty Gulf of St Lawrence. Compared to Australia, of course, it is both wet and cold, with snow on the ground, likely to lie there for weeks on end, if not longer.

Recently Leo has set up a Blog, entitled "Peonies - and the rest". I have created a link to it, in the side bar of my own blog, but I invite you to have a look at Leo's blog a few times over the next few weeks. It is spring time in Nova Scotia now, which means Leo's beloved species Peonies are just coming into flower, so, hopefully there will be a succession of interesting flowers being illustrated there, complete with some of Leo's informative and interesting "chat" about these plants. His plant comments are always well researched.

Despite our climatic differences, the number of plants which we grow in common is quite extensive, so his Blog is likely to be far from being of "academic interest" only

Leo is a true plant enthusiast, so he grows all sorts of unusual species of plants, at el Summit Perennials Nursery Many of them are "Alpine" plants, but he also grows lots of interesting grasses, as well as his beloved Herbaceous Peony species, and Tree Peonies, and the more popular cultivars of Herbaceous Peonies. So, hopefully, there will be a passing parade of new flowers for us to admire over the next few weeks. Just for the record, Leo does not do mail order to Australia, but his web site is full of interest (as well as golf balls - which is explained in a note on the front page).

If Leo has one problem coming up on him, it is that he is a soccer (sorry, "Football") enthusiast, as well as a mad keen cyclist, so Leo has the Tour de France, ahead of him, as well as the World Cup, as well as Peony Season. Its going to be funny watching him try to stretch his loyalties, to take in all the important events, in the next few weeks. One thing though, he does not have his own National Team in the World Cup, unlike we Aussies! (My only Football joke ever, on this Blog, I promise.)

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Leo said...

Hey, thanks for the plug Denis.

I expect to be busier than the proverbial one-armed paper-hanger during the collision of World Cup vs Longest Bike Race. Fortunately I have only 1 tv so I will not be tempted to watch them side-by-each. The weeds in the gardens and "lawns" are said to be planning a coup d'etat during that period (like anyone will notice)...