Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Nature of Everlasting Memories

When Zoe and I went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday, I was scootering along the Main Path, when Zoe suddenly said: "Oh, look, - Grandma Flowers". And she was right.

We had come to an area where Everlasting Daisies were growing everywhere. My Mother, Zoe's Grandma, was an inveterate collector of dried flowers, for use in dried flower arrangements, and the Everlasting Daisies were her absolute favourites. The Garage was full of unused specimens, the house was full of little wall vases always with a few Everlastings in them.

Zoe remembers staying there on weekends, as a kid, and "helping" Grandma with her flower arrangements, which usually meant Zoe poking holes with her little fingers in the seemingly magic "Oasis" material which flower arrangers use. This stuff has a spongy texture, and, when dry it is nearly weightlessness. Of course, what Zoe didn't understand at the time, was that Oasis has its limits, and after enough poking with little fingers, it crumbles to a messy dust.

Still, Zoe loves these flowers, and to her they will always be "Grandma Flowers". So, they are a kind of Everlasting Memory for her. And I am pleased. My Mother, Nonie Wilson died on 18 March 2006, just a few days short of her 90th birthday. So this blog is for Zoe and for her.

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