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Christmas Bells
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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Nature of Delirium

Dad wrote this yesterday.... xZ.

How particular is our blood? Mine is very fussy about whose blood it will share it's veins with.
Yesterday I recieved a bag of platelets (clotting agents). As soon as they hooked me up, my body went into shock. My temperature spiked up to 39.9 degrees Celsius.
My body went into rigor - with a combination of teeth-chattering shivers, locked jaw, and shallow gaspy breathing.
My mind went delirious. Four hours later I regained consciousness.
Had I fainted? Where did that truck come from? (The one which seemed had run me over).
Obviously during this process the nurses were flat out, dropping my temperature, calming the spasms. Shame I do not remember it, really, just the statistical record, and the hung-over feeling of having missed a significant "life event".

Today my platelets count was still dangerously low, and another transfusion was ordered. This time, however, I was pre-dosed with an anti-histamine "Phanergan". No problems at all.

Our bodies are amazingly sensitive. We ought continuously be in awe and wonder of them. I am learning to love my body, from a new perspective.

4th May 2006

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Miss Eagle said...

Denis, the title of the post just about put me into shock. Had to put head in hands and continue to read post with one eye. Shame you missed it, you say - perhaps you had better get someone to install Nature of Robertson cam so that you can have an instant replay of your delirious and unconscious state! And what happend to the blood clot in your arm through all this. Literally, took your mind off everything!?! And, BTW, what sort of medal do we have to get you sending posts by Zoe-mail through all this?

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