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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Relay for Life"

The "Relay for life" event in the Southern Highlands got off to a great start this morning.

I rang John Hughes, to wish his "Team Merlot Therapy" all the best. I got passed around to lots of members of team, Greg, Leanne, and Matt amongst them. All CTC people, and good Robertsonians.

I then rang Harriet Goodall to congratulate her on the great roll-up of people.
And yes, Harriet, put me down for next year.

The "Juicy Mountain" band are going a gig there today - a first for the boys - playing while the sun is shining. But I'm sure they'll shine too!

Zoe Here.
I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone involved in Relay for Life. What an amazing effort (especially you Harriet!). I wish I was there with you.
Walk hard guys!


Greg Chapman said...

G'day Denis and Zoe,

Relay For Life went well. The event raised an amazing $220,000 for the Cancer Council. I walked my heart out walking a total of 3.5 hours !!

Our Merlot Group won a prize for "Best Prop carrying during the walk" for all of us carrying a plastic tray on it an empty bottle of Merlot with two wine glasses !! :)

There was a moving tribute to people like you Denis that are going through treatment. I lost my mum to breast cancer (sorry for not telling ya, I did'nt want to upset ya Denis). This singer sung this moving song called "You Raise Me Up" which brought me to tears when I thought about my mum and yourself at the moment.

Anyway so it was a good but emotional weekend. I wish ya all the best in your treatment, Denis !!

Anni said...

Nice words, Greg. Sounds like you had a good time and made a difference!