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Christmas Bells
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog it and be damned

I was having an email discussion with Miss Eagle, tonight.
We were talking Politics, of course.

As neither Miss Eagle nor I are admirers of the present Government, we were speculating that things are going to get worse for the general populace (in Australia) before they get better. I ended up with: Blog it and be Damned.

The reply came back: Amen, Brother!
The photo is of a male Satin Bowerbird sitting on the balustrade outside my kitchen window. The picture is taken through a flyscreen, hence its graininess. Still, I was pleased to see it there, as I hope to set up a bird feeding table - right near where he was sitting.

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Leo said...

Hey Denis,
Don't be so parochial... it's not just Australian politics that is out of line; the whole world is pretty much in free-fall as far as social progress and responsibility are concerned. I think eventually history will figure out that we are living in one of those eras, like the Dark Ages, when real human progress is proceeding to unwind/ retreat/ go backwards. That is, assuming history is allowed to climb out of the pit on which we are poised (which may well depend on the extent of the environmental catastrophe waiting in the wings. And/or assuming the historians aren't all owned by the multinationals.

My personal feeling is that if one wanted to put a date to the beginning of the current "era of gloom" one could do worse than to tack it to the date of the "defeat" of Communism. This could have marked the beginning of an age of enlightenment, but instead the Capitalists (being a naturally confrontational philosophy) had to find themselves another enemy and picked the non-wealthy as their targets of opportunity, both at home and abroad. They will do their best to enslave the middle classes as tightly as the lower classes are.

My theory on how best to combat this is to deny Capitalists their consuming and consumable slaves: stop having kids!

Oh yes, did I mention that I had a beer earlier tonight? -- and one yesterday too!