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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have Your Say - the Kangaloon Aquifer pumping proposal


The Sydney Catchment Authority has now made available the electronic response forum, via their website.

Now you can easily have your say on the proposal to drain the Kangaloon Aquifer, by clicking on this link:

It is easy to fill in the boxes required, to register your interest and submit your views.

I would recommend this, particularly if you have land in the Robertson area.

It appears that the persons with most to lose are residents of the lower parts of East Kangaloon, Kangaloon and Glenquarry, along Tourist Road.

If pumping is allowed to commence, the bores will pump water out, which causes an effect known as "drawdown", where a funnel-shaped area around the bore is drained of water. It is drained most deeply at the bore, and progressively the water draining effect spreads out wider and wider. Although the SCA is talking about areas of 500 metres diameter from each bore, they acknowledge some likely impact up to 2 Kms distant.

And that is only what they say, officially. Who knows what will really happen, if they are allowed to pump?

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