Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Nature of Hampden Park

Caalang Creek rises in Robertson. It runs through Hampden Park, right in the centre of the village. Most of the Park is given over to playing fields (Cricket, soccer/rugby, tennis, etc) plus a Skate Ramp area and a kids playground.
Tree Ferns over a river bend
However, it is Caalang Creek which I wish to concentrate on, tonight. It begins less than 1 Km east from this point.

There are some lovely bends where tree ferns hold together the steep sided river banks, opposite shallow grassy banks.

In most parts of Robertson one could just about jump over Caalang Creek.

Caalang Creek is the absolute "upper reach" of the Wingecarribee River. That river then feeds into the Wollondilly River, and into the Warragamba Dam. So this is the very beginning of the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment.
Like all natural streams, it varies from ponds and quiet pools, to narrow sections where the river runs quite fast.

The frogs were calling loudly this afternoon, a sign of a healthy stream.

A swarm of Midges
This afternoon, there was a swarm of midges flying, illuminated by a shaft of late afternoon light.

They were hovering over a tree fern, in a patch of warm air.

I managed to trick the "auto focus of the camera, by first focussing on the tree fern, then lifting the camera up, and pressed the shutter.

Bingo. Midges, more or less in focus.

Click on the photo, to enlarge the image.

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