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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Nature of Ocean Glimpses

As today is one of those stunningly clear days which occur after rain, with a visible horizon approaching infinity, I decided to record the clarity of the view today. Here are three frames taken from my neighbour's driveway, in the late afternoon light.

Ocean glimpses

In Real Estate terms, my neighbours from across the road have "Ocean Glimpses". I am sure these "pixels" are valuable, in real estate terms. Half their luck!

Of course, in Robertson, it all depends upon the weather! Ocean glimpses don't actually work when you can only see 100 metres in the fog or rain, which as regular readers will know, is a situation which occurs pretty often, in Robbo.

A zoomed-in view
Missingham Parade runs due south, along a ridge, so the people on the left hand side of the road have views towards the coast. Depending upon how far along the road they are located, they might have views to local hills, or a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, 27 Kms away.

At my place, (on the right hand side of the road) my views would be expected to be to the west. However, because of the angle I have set my house, I look down to the south or west. So I have views south, over the Kangaroo Valley, or west, across to the Burrawang Ridge. I have published such views on many occasions, previously.
A late-afternoon Moon
The nearly full moon, rising in the east, in the late-afternoon light, is a bonus!
Click to view the full image.

Peace to you - the reader of this blog!


Miss Eagle said...

I love your moon shot. Last night I got off the train at Upper Gully at about 6.15pm. The last light was in the west, at my back as I walked toward the Station exit. Ahead high, but not too high, in a navy blue sky above the Dandenongs National Park was the full moon. Very beautiful! I thought it must have been up early.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Miss Eagle. Glad you liked my "moon shot". I was happy with it.

Obviously it was not quite "full", but it looked full enough. But the rule is that the truly full moon rises as the sun sets. So this one, in strong sunlight, could not have met that definition.

However, it did not look out of shape. Odd, because there was at least an hour of sunlight left. Somehow, the loss of shape after the full moon seems more obvious than any irregularity before hand.

According to a "Witches Moon Chart" I found on the web, it is the full moon tonight.

Zoe just rang me from Marulan (half way back from Canberra) at about 5:30 to say, "Have a look at the moon - it is huge!" So, that confirms the witches prognostications! There is low cloud out over the coast, so it won't be visible in Robbo for an hour or so, unfortunately.