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Christmas Bells
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ground Orchid "spotting" - an open invitation.

Sun Orchid
Yes, I know this Ground Orchid is "spotted" already. It is the Spotted Sun orchid, (Thelymitra ixiodes).

Anyway, if you wish to help me spot this orchid and its rare companion, an as-yet not formally identified form of "Leek Orchid", then come along on Wednesday of next week. The thing about these plants is that althought they appear "showy", and they are certainly beautiful, they are really hard to see, in the bush, until you suddenly find yourself in a patch of them, all flowering away, happily, and you ask yourself, "How come I did not see them before?"


If you have never got into "Ground Orchids" then there will never be a better opportunity than next Wednesday. No prior knowledge is required. Just wear a pair of sturdy shoes and long trousers. We will mostly be walking along Tourist Road, but a little bit of walking through the scrub along Kirkland Road will also happen. Never more than 100 metres from the bitumen, I promise!

"Leek Orchid"


The National Parks Association (Southern Highlands Branch)
invites you
to join local naturalist,
Denis Wilson
on an easy stroll in the bushland of
East Kangaloon
on Wednesday 1 November 2006,
at 10:00am

Assembly point:
Junction of Tourist Road and Kirkland Road, East Kangaloon
(approx 5 Km north of Robertson)
Time and Date: 10:00am, Wednesday 1 November 2006

Walking Distance: approx 4 Km.
Terrain easy.

Wear sturdy shoes & long trousers as we will go into some areas of bush
Bring camera & magnifying glass, (if you have one).
BYO drinks and snacks.



Bearded Orchid
There will be lots of other wildflowers still in flower, and some of the Waratahs of East Kangaloon will still be hanging on (just). Come along and enjoy yourself in these wondrous wildflower havens.

Also, I promise to poison your minds, just a little about the reasons why the SCA ought not be proposing to mine the Kangaloon Aquifer - right where we will be walking. There might even be a drilling rig where we are going to walk.


The politics of water and conservation are inseparable, I am afraid. But that is part of "The Nature of life in Robertson".
"Flying Duck Orchid"
I promise you Sun Orchids, hopefully some Leek Orchids, definitely some Bearded Orchids, hopefully some of the exquisite "Flying Duck Orchids", lots of Tiger Orchids, and who knows what else? That is the thrill of the chase, with Orchid spotting.
Come along, and be prepared to enjoy yourself, and the tiny little flowers which you so often ignore, as you speed along the roads of the Southern Highlands.

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