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Christmas Bells
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Monday, October 02, 2006

September hotter than ever - by a long way.

A crystal clear blue sky
yesterday afternoon.
Global warming? The pattern is well enough established. But even the Sydney Weather Bureau man on ABC radio today was surprised at the results for September.

Sydney's mean temperature for September was 2.75 degrees Celsius higher than any ever recorded for September. In fact it was hotter than the October long-term average.

Unfortunately, the Weather Bureau's office workers are closed for Labour Day holiday, so I cannot report the actual statistical analysis in written form. (They are on holidays, and haven't written it yet.)

This is based upon an ABC radio report only.


Miss Eagle said...

Global warming! Piffle! The cool weather has come to Melbourne. :-) :-) :-)

Denis Wilson said...

It takes the "shallow" interpretation to make the deeper interpretation more significant.

Thank you for your contribution to public debate, Miss Eagle. :-)