Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life on the Robertson Common

When the Robbo Spring Fair starts, the Robertson Heritage Railway Station comes alive with the annual Railway Fair. The long weekend in September/October is the usual date.

This year, we were blessed with stunning clear skies, and mild weather. How lucky we were. (Last Sunday all the tents would have been blown to Albion Park!)

David Tranter was selling his spectacular Waratahs.

In addition, hundreds of Waratahs which he has personally planted, were flowering all around the Railway Station, on the Common, and across the Railway line.

There was red everywhere.

Bones was singing the Blues,

against a blue background,

and under blue skies above.

Blue everywhere.

Out on the main street (Hoddle Street), the double flowered Pink Japanese Cherries were at their peak.

In several days time, the annual pink snowstorm (of fallen Cherry blossom petals) will cover the grey bitumen, but for now, the trees are wonderful.

The simple joys of Spring in Robertson.


Miss Eagle said...

Denis, it makes me wish I was there the photographs are wonderful

Denis Wilson said...
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Denis Wilson said...

Miss Eagle,

The Robertson Spring Fair was good, but your presence would have make it even more full of life.


Phil Day said...

It was very nice to meet Denis for the first time last thursday at the weekly Robertson CTC music night. Very interesting converstaions about the development of a community radio station for Robertson and local areas (which I currently have on test at the moment - if you are in robbo, listen to 99.5 for a variety of music, and note the quality of the transmission and audio. I already have all the gear running in very low power mode, so the hard, technical part is done) We will be planning future meetings to bring a group of interested people together. The height of the night was meeting up with Denis' breath-takingly beautiful daughter Zoe. Zoe seems very dedicated to the idea of a radio station for our area, and she would make a great program co-ordinator and her input to the station would be invaluable. With Denis' and everyone elses ideas, my professional equipment and broadcast experience, we should be able to put together a great radio station to please a great proportion of the residents of Robertson, Burrawang, Avoca, Fitzroy Falls, other localities and even into Moss Vale/Bowral with the right site (which I have arranged).


If you have any feedback, or are interested in the Robertson radio station idea, please email, or call me on 0425 325699

99.5 on the FM dial in Robertson.

Not sure which section of Denis' blog this might appear in, so if its in the wrong place, I apologise.