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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Nature of Global Warming

"The Age" has today carried a full spread on Global Warming issues. It is the main news theme.

Victoria is to get a brand new Solar Power Station out in the Mallee (somewhere near Mildura, where it is hot, dry and sunny), and a new Wind Farm at Macarthur, near Port Fairy, in the South West of the State, where it is very windy indeed (I speak from personal experience of the region). These are important decisions; and two in one week is quite extraordinary.

Tim Flannery has an Opinion piece which is quite extraordinary in its frankness. He concludes:

"... the Howard Government will do the bare minimum required to appease public opinion, for it appears to have no one able and willing to absorb the scientific evidence, and to champion a more resolute response through the cabinet.
I sincerely hope I'm wrong, because this Government and the one that follows it may well be the last in Australian history to have the chance to avert a climate disaster."

Public opinion formers, in the shape of the Fairfax press journalists, appear to have woken up that Global Warming is real. Any one of these articles on their own would raise eyebrows. But the grouping of them in the Saturday's Age is quite telling.
Now we need the Politicians to take notice.
It seems that the Sydney Morning Herald journalists are still consumed with internecine NSW ALP politics. Meanwhile, the world slowly cooks, or the Kangaloon Aquifer gets drained, with nobody noticing!

The local CTC, (with REPS), has initiated a local Robertson "Walk against Warming" next Saturday, 4 November, starting at 9:00am, at the bridge in Caalong St, including a Tree Planting, followed by a symbolic walk to the CTC.
Wear or carry something orange - to symbolise heat and fires and global warming generally. Robertson's "Walk against Warming" is even registered on the official website - well done, BJ!
See you there.

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