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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

More on the Robertson Spring Fair

Here are a few more photos of the weekend activities.
Photos courtesy of David Young, a resident Robertson photographer.

Yuri being welcomed back
to Robertson, by Boney,
the MC for the
Spud Olympics.
Fortunately, Yuri has developed a sense of humour, which he has learnt from his Australian friends, since he first illegally jumped ship, and found solace and refuge in Fortitude Valley, back in the late 1970s.

Aaah, those were the days - when big men (like Yuri) ran Queensland!

"Yuri's Back".

Some Robertson people will remember the previous visit to the village of our favourite Russian Weightlifting Champion. He came for a Robertson Primary School Quiz Night, which had a sporting theme, to do with the Olympics - Yuri's favourite topic.

Hence the label.

Leon and Bernie, meet Yuri.
His full name is "Yuri - you bloody idiot", which is how he was continually addressed by his good Aussie mates, when he first got off the boat. It has something to do with his thick accent, and how people could not read the funny way he writes his name - in Cyrillic characters. That is why his full name is also written up in conventional "Latinised" script.

Yuri is a big, powerful man.
He loves throwing things.
He loves lifting bags of potatoes,
He loves ordering smaller people around, and generally being a bloody nuisance.
Yuri is good at this.

Levitating Potatoes with
thought power alone.

Yuri loves everything about potatoes.
He especially likes drinking the fine liquor produced from them. When Yuri heard of the Spud Olympics, you could not keep him away. This is stuff he understands.

Yuri launching a

Back when Yuri was a young man, he trained to launch satellites into orbit, by muscle power alone.

Here he demonstrates his own technique.

Yuri is impressed
with Meg's technique.
Yuri recognises a potential champion, in young Meg.

Muscle food
When Yuri is not ordering people around, blowing whistles, measuring how far people have thrown their potatoes, etc, he likes to keep up his bulk-building diet, by eating muscle food - Baked Beans (low-salt variety).

Yuri keeps his blood pressure under control, by careful dieting.

Before he left, Yuri congratulated the people from the Robertson CTC who volunteered their time and effort to organize the Robertson "Spud Olympics".

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