Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Lantern Procession

Swinging lantern.
Last night the people from the Robertson CTC organised a Lantern Procession.

Jane had been working with the kids over a number of weekend "workshops" guiding them in the making of their own lanterns.

The Cow Lantern
This is evident from the variety of fabrics and designs in the spectacular lanterns.

Few were as original as Jasper's Cow Lantern. Her own design (note the grass drawn under its belly, and the tail). Such typical Jasper attention to detail.

Colourful lanterns.
Many members of the Robbo community turned up.

Everybody, with or without a lantern, walked around through the gardens at the Robertson Common, in a sinuous, but delightfully colourful procession.

Paired lanterns.
It was a visual highlight of the events of the long weekend's activities, as part of the Robertson Fair. It was a lovely event to take part in (even without my own lantern).

Next year I shall join Jane's workshops, and make my own. I want to be a full participant in this event next year.

Optical illusions?
Am I dreaming? Is Queen Nefertiti's spirit inside the left-hand lantern?

The spectacular Mermaid

I had no idea how imaginative, and creative one can be with some coloured paper, bamboo cane, and a candle.

Purple and gold
A simple design, apparently, but very colourful, and effective.

I have been inspired now, and will be in there next year, with a Peony Lantern.

Red, Red Waratah

But I doubt it that even that lovely flower would look as good as this Waratah lantern, which Jane made.

I am happy to say that I successfully bid for one of three such lanterns, at an auction which was held later in the evening.

It will be used to adorn any evening barbeques on my deck, later in the season.


Anni said...

Looking forward to the evening barbecues!

Denis Wilson said...

Well, looks like I've issued an invite, doesn't it?
OK, but not sure of timing yet.
But it's a deal!


Denis Wilson said...
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Miss Eagle said...

When I can come would be a good time. Love the Waratah lantern - but I think you need more than one. A matched pair - or perhaps three or four evenly spaced across the back deck.