Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Peony starts to flower. Bands in Robbo.

Here is another Herbaceous Peony (a hybrid), just flowering for the first time today (for this year). It is a lovely plant, but not at all what people expect from "a Peony". This is "Coral Fay" which is a descendant from a cross between Paeonia peregrina and P. tenuifolia. That explains the delicate foliage for P. tenuifolia is known as the "Fern-leaved Peony". This plant is a hybrid, so, the leave form is genuinely a half-way mark; not nearly so fine as that parent plant, but still distinctively divided in leaf. The colour is a vivid magenta red - a difficult colour to capture in photograph, as the petals are very shiny, so I have had to dull down the image, to minimise reflected light from the petals.
Here is Red Charm as it was when it first opened, on 11 October. In full sunlight this flower is totally dazzling. As such it is also difficult to photograph, to avoid "sun flaring" from light reflected from the petals. This flower is more scarlet red than the "Coral Fay", which has a considerable amount of purplish tinge in its flower.Here is the same flower of "Red Charm", first shown to you as a bud, several days ago, now photographed indoors, as a cut flower, at Dorothy's "Old Potato Shed Gallery". In this light it shows a dark red - but still a pure colour, without any purplish tones.
Meanwhile, the last day of the "Springtime in Robertson" festival wound up with 3 bands performing in Hampden Park, Robertson. The sun was shining brightly, but it was bit windy. This is the NSW Police Band performing. Their sound was very good indeed, as befits their status as professional musicians.
This little kid was enjoying himself with a whirley-gig, which looked great in the bright light.
The little kid was being watchful supervised by an adult, and Lena was at his ankles, checking out the possibilities of something worth eating having been dropped.
Here is another crowd shot. Here is a panoramic view of the crowd, spread out around the oval, listening to the Police Band.
And towards the end of the afternoon, here am I snuggling up against the cold breeze. At least it was sunny. My companion here is Robyn.And here is a photo of a key group of organisers of the Springtime in Robertson activities, who have done a terrific job in organising most of the events which I have photographed and reported on, over the last 3 weekends. Well done to them all and to the other people behind the Festival. The people in this photograph are Steve, Robert, John and Marion.


Miss Eagle said...

Love the "crowd" shots

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Brigid

Thanks for the comment on the crowd shots. I was asked by Robert Goldsack if I could take some nice shots, for use by the organisers, for next year. I put those up, and Robert sent a really nice endorsement of my efforts over the last 3 weekends, on the local "Robbo village" Yahoo Groups email network. It was very nice of him to do that.

Did you like the photo of me huddled under the blanket? I was freezing. Lena had a lovely afternoon, going from group to group getting admired, patted and scoring the occasional tit-bit. She even got a half a sausage in a roll, and she could hardly believe her luck. I checked it out, and it looked genuine (the Lions Club guys had a stall at the markets over the road). A kiddies' "left-over".



PS your comment yesterday did not appear, unfortunately. I saw it, and "approved it" but the system must have been down at the time, and I had deleted it, once I had approved it. Sorry about that. At least I saw it.