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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cherry Trees and Peonies in flower in Robertson

First blossoms opening on the Cherry Trees of Robertson.
Several weeks ago I received an inquiry about the Cherry Trees of Robertson, from a Japanese/Australian, apparently living in Sydney.
I promised to report when the Cherry Trees of Robertson were about to open their flowers.
Today is the day they have started to open.

By next weekend, the Cherry Trees along main street of Robertson ought be in full flower. This is one image of trees, taken on 1 October last year. Let us hope the strong winds of the last weekend drop, and allow the trees to make a good show, before their flowers fall.

The Tree Peonies in my garden have also been starting to open. This was the first flower to open, this season, on 22 September 2007. This is the classic Australian Tree Peony "Destiny". It is clearly a descendent of the famous Chinese Tree Peony "Rockii". If grown in isolation, "Destiny" comes true to type, from seed, but it has some subtle differences from the true species. I love this plant, even though it does not last all that well, especially not in hot winds. This flower is a late bloom, on a plant which has mostly finished flowering. Even so, this lovely flower is in good condition, and was about 7 inches (approx 16 cm) wide.
Here is a pale pink semi-double Japanese Tree Peony. I believe this to be "Fushakin". Owing to the extreme weather we have had this last weekend, I have yet to see the flower fully open, so I am not entirely sure, just yet. It has a lovely colour, but only 2 flowers on this young plant. The flower is about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter (when still half-closed).
It is interesting that despite heavy rain in July, and some late frosts this year, the Tree Peonies have opened on exactly the same days as they first opened, two years ago (according to my Peony Diary from 2005).

Here is the first bud of Paeonia ostii - the blush pink buds open to a pure white flower, with a deep magenta-red carpel in the centre of the flower. But there are no purple-red flares on the petals, in contrast to Destiny.Here is a glimpse of the central carpel on P. ostii.
While the Peonies are exactly on schedule, it is interesting that the Cherry Trees in the main street of Robertson are one week later than last year.


Anni said...

In Finland, the true signs of spring were always the little white, wild anemone and lilies-of-the-valley growing in the forest - here the daffodils and jonquils seem to flower a bit too early to herald the spring, so in my mind I seem to have given that task to your peonies! It is lovely to see the familiar plants again in flower (I'll have to pay you a visit this week to see them in real life).

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni

You are always welcome.


Ann said...

I am looking for a peony grower to ship cut flowers for my wedding Sept. 6th in the US. Would you be able to help?


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Ann

Best wishes for your wedding on 6 September. Unfortunately, that date is too early for my Peonies. My Tree Peonies (which are not great lasting flowers anyway) do not start here until late September. The herbaceous Peonies (the good ones for cut flowers) are not going properly until mid-October.

You could try Marg Hansen of Pinerise Peonies, but as she is further south than me, her season is likely to be further behind. But she is a professional grower (I am not) and she might be able to help you, or know someone else who could.

Best wishes.

Denis Wilson