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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sublime to the extraordinary - in 200 metres

Most of the way down the road on which I live, there is a small Blackwood Wattle tree, which is covered in Rock Felt Ferns. Amongst the roots and leaves of this fern, there lives a single Orange Blossom Orchid. This lovely plant has been flowering valiantly for several weeks now - through good weather (like today) and bad (hot dry winds). This plant is relatively low, which gives me a chance to photograph it, unlike some, in the local rainforest, which are growing amongst the tree tops.
Seeing as I published a photo of Dockrillia linguiforme flowering on Sheoaks in Kangaroo Valley yesterday, it seems only fair that I should publish a photo of a local Epiphytic Orchid.
A little further along the road, at the Robertson Cemetery, the native Passionfruit, Passiflora herbertiana is in flower. This plant is not flowering well this year, and it is carrying some old fruit already, so it is a bit confused, I think. Perhaps it flowered a second time, late last season, and is now trying to flower again. Anyway, this bizarre flower is typical of this species.
It is very different from the introduced Banana Passionfruit, which is a weed in some places close to Robertson, such as along Jamberoo Road and Vandenberg Road. The fruit of this native Passionfruit are not palatable. Also, although I have tried to distribute a number of fruit around the cemetery, I have not seen any seedlings successfully established, as yet.

Back at my place, the latest Peony to start flowering is "Flame", an appropriately named brilliant red single Herbaceous Peony. Red Charm continues to work its magic, and Coral Charm is settling down and will produce some lovely blooms over the next week or two. Red Charm makes a spectacular cut flower, and Anni has a pair of them in a vase at her place, which look stunning. They were picked last Tuesday morning, and are holding well, as of Saturday afternoon. The flowers are huge.

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Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

the Orange Blossom Orchid is a pretty and delicate thing. Unfortunately I have only seen plants without flowers in the rainforest of Barrington where I walk to observe nature. One day I shall be lucky.