Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, October 11, 2007

First Roses, other Spring garden plants

Rose sinica alba is in flower. Words almost fail me, when trying to describe this plant. It is both beautifully simple in its flower, and terrifically formidable as an armed opponent - in the garden. I have planted mine against a fence line, where, hopefully I will not have to interfere with its growth. It is a great plant to love - at a safe distance.

The yellow stamens are carried on pure white petals. Bees love these flowers, especially Native Bees (or wasps?) with neat red-brown bodies.
This lovely mauve-blue Clematis flowers every year, growing in a sort of wilderness, under a rose, and other flowers in my mixed bed.
Kolkwitzia amabilis is a lovely soft plant. Its flowers are similar in appearance to an Abelia, but the shrub it deciduous. It flowers every year, without fail and without any maintenance from me.
This dark flowered Viburnum (the name of which eludes me, at the moment is a lovely plant. Its leaves are maple-like, but dark bronze coloured at first. The outer flowers in the "heads" are sterile. The fertile flowers in the centre of the head start as purplish buds, and then open to a cream colour.This is a related plant - Viburnum opulus sterile. It is known as the "Guilder Rose". I love it for the green buds, which then open white, and finally as they fade, they turn greenish again.This plant is quite common, but it is an easy care garden plant, and it clearly loves the Robertson soil and rainfall. A totally maintenance free plant - my kind of plant.

This week has seen a real flush of Spring growth and flowering. And the other old-fashioned Roses will keep going now, for ages. Something to look forward to.

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Miss Eagle said...

Denis, the flower pictures are wonderful. Now if you could put some cuttings in some pots and then, when they have struck, hop down here to Melbourne with them - please.

Blessings and bliss