Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cherry Trees of Robertson in full flower

As predicted several days ago, the Cherry Trees of Robertson are now in full flower.

This photo was taken in the middle of the Illawarra Highway ("Hoddle Street"), so Robertson is still a sleepy enough town to allow the occasional bit of casual photography, smack in the middle of the busiest street in town! Long may that continue!
What is not clear from this photo is that the length of the main section of Robertson is lined with these trees. This is along Hoddle Street, from the western end (at the railway crossing), right up through the town, past the school, the "School of Arts" Hall, and the Police Station and past the Pub, and up towards the Cheese Factory. Trees have been removed (or possibly not planted) in some places, such as in front of the Pub, and other shops. But in general, these Cherry Trees run for about one kilometre. I did not take a "long view" perspective photo because the town was busy when I was out looking to take photos, and there were many cars parked underneath the Cherry Trees, which would have spoiled the visual effect, in the photo.

Here are the flowers - against the bright blue Robertson sky, today 5 October 2007.Close-up shot of the flowers.

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