Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cloud Farm studio - launched

My friends Celeste and Steve held an informal gathering to mark the opening of their long awaited studio, at their house, on top of Mt Murray.
Celeste designed the studio herself, and she had the studio built with the assistance of various tradesmen friends, especially the hard-working Ross Brumfield, who did the earthworks - an enormous task.Anyway, on the eve of the first exhibition at the studio (this weekend) they invited some friends around to help celebrate the arrival of the studio. Celeste and Steve are participating in the "Days of Art, Wine and Roses" Studio Art Trail, which has been organised by Robertson's own Jenny Kena.
Lets hope the golden wash in the light, just before sunset, is a good omen for Celeste and Steve and their other artist friends, whose work is exhibited at Cloud Farm Studio.
There was a glorious sunset that evening - here seen with one of the sculptures by Phillip Walker in the foreground. Sorry it is so hard to see - but I really wanted to catch the sunset, and that made everything else dark.


Anonymous said...

hey denis,
just heard about celestes studio being opened (where was my invite?! just kidding we are still over in WA!) and when i googled you were top of the list!
i was looking at some of annis pictures the other day and came across the one of the 2 ladier in their electric chairs (!) and read annis note that you had said they look like they are refueling! I Miss your sense of humour. i shall put this page in my favourites now i am on line and be better at keeping in touch!
lots of love to you
beej and bones

Denis Wilson said...

Good to hear from you.
You are hereby invited to my 60th birthday bash, at the CTC next Saturday.
Gosh! Hardly seems real.
Actual birthday was yesterday, but I have been told I need to organise a party - to acknowledge a significant number.
Thanks for catching up.
I assume you were the visitor to the blog about Penny's book. Good event, that.
Cheers to you and Bones.