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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Penny's booklaunch - "Sandy the Cow who came home"

My friend and renowned children's author and illustrator, Penny Osterhaus today launched her wonderful book about "Sandy the Cow who came home".
Penny originally wrote the book, based upon the story told to her by Ray Page, back in the 1980's. Penny was inspired by this lady, who she first met on the Mountain, back in 1983-84. Penny subsequently wrote the story, and illustrated it, and presented the original manuscript, in hand-bound form, to her friend, Ray in the late 1980s.The book has only just been printed for publication, and Penny has agreed to donate the profits from the sale of the first print run to the "Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve" in memory of Ray Page.
Ray was a legendary former resident of the Ben Ricketts property on the Jamberoo Mountain Road. She and her husband Peter bought the property and lived there for many years, opening the joys of life on Jamberoo Mountain to many families who came and stayed in the cabins, which Ray and Peter built. Many of these people developed a loyal attachment to the place, after visiting with Ray year after year. Subsequently, when the property came onto the market, these people banded together to preserve the property, and its precious rainforest environment, in memory of the original owner, Ben Ricketts, and the subsequent owners, Ray Page and her husband Peter, who shared their love of the place with so many people.

Local people and friends of Penny, listening to the book reading:
Katie, Monica, Pip and Dave, with their children, Steel and Amelie
The Ray Page tradition continues today, and visitors from Australia and overseas are welcome to stay in the cabins at the Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve.

Today, Penny's book was launched by internationally renowned actor, Jack Thompson.

Jack had little trouble getting "into character" as he read the story.

A little mood change, appropriate to the story.
Jack's wife Leona King told me today that she and her sisters have been visiting the Ben Ricketts property since she was four years old. Today, the property's caretaker is Hyone King.

Peering over Jack's shoulder, as he read the book aloud.
A tiny audience member is spell-bound by the story.
Penny thanking everybody, especially Jack Thompson and organiser for the day, Trisha Dean.
Penny Osterhaus has a forthcoming exhibition at the Kiama "Old Fire Station Community Arts Centre" from 4 - 10 November. It is a mixed media arts exhibition with works by Penny and her friends, featuring ceramics, printmaking, mosaics, sculpture, and father designs.

I could not resist photographing a face in the crowd: baby Amelie. (Photo taken with permission of her Dad, Dave.)
A cute way to end this story of a very pleasant day on Jamberoo Mountain Road.


Duncan said...

What a great occasion Denis, looks like a good book too. So much of today's children's literature, if you can call it that, is imho rubbish.

Anonymous said...

wow this is great denis, and jack thompson, ahh robbo, what a place!

excuse my naiveté but what is imho rubbish? some new east coast thing we havent got yet over here?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anon (do I know you? - there are some ex-Robertsonians wandering around over there. If so, pls let me know. If not, Welcome.)

Translation: Duncan used the phrase "IMHO rubbish".
It is internet abbreviation for "in my humble opinion". His comment on modern children's literature.