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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A good news story - rats eradicated from NSW island

This is not my own story, rather it is a link to a genuine Good News story published by James Woodford in the Sydney Morning Herald, and on his website, Real Dirt.

Rattus evictus: rodent eradication leads to new lease of life for island haven.
It explains how the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have eradicated rats, which were the survivors of a shipwreck, in 1932, on a small island just off the NSW coast. Since 2005 there have been no rats on this island. As a result, the sea birds have re-colonised the island, as one might expect. However, what is really interesting is that even a previously locally extinct species of Petrel has returned. Of course, the Little (Fairy) Penguins, and various Shearwaters (Muttonbirds) are thriving without rats eating eggs and chicks. More surprisingly, Frog and Crab numbers have soared since the rats were eradicated. Who would have expected rats to impact on crabs in their salt-water pools? And even the plant (shrubbery) cover has improved, which has improved the population of bush birds. It is amazing to be able to point to the recovery of an entire ecosystem, as a result of the removal of rats. It is a true Good News story.

James is an experienced nature writer, environmental reporter, journalist, photographer, etc.
His latest book, is called Real Dirt : How I beat my grid life crisis.

He is perhaps best known for his interesting story:"The secret life of Wombats"
He also wrote about the discovery of "The Wollemi Pine"
I have read both books, and enjoyed them immensely.

He has also written "The Dog Fence" and another book called "Whitecap"

Each of these five books may be ordered directly from the "Text Publishing" websites linked above.

I have added James's website (blog) to my auto-updating list of "Aussie Nature Bloggers" in the side bar, so new entries will be readily visible, and linkable from this blog.

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Duncan said...

Nice to start the day with a good news story, thanks for posting it Denis.