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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Blogging 3rd Birthday.

Today is the 3rd birthday of my blogging life.
Perhaps it is not such a great achievement - there have been bloggers out there far longer than that - some were true poineers, whereas I was joining an established "bandwagon". However, I feel it has been a significant learning experience - at least for me. I hope some of you have enjoyed the ride too.

I have posted 807 posts over those 3 years. I set myself the goal of making daily updates, but clearly there are times when that is not possible. Still, I am batting at 73%, (three days out of four) which is not too bad (in light of my original objective).

As far as my readership is concerned, there have been 39, 793 visitors (excluding my own visits to the site). I hope you have enjoyed your visits, from time to time.

Although the site was entitled the Nature of Robertson - a deliberately ambiguous title - it has evolved, more and more into a "Nature Blog". It was always intended to be in part, a social record of the goings on in Robertson. And this is still in evidence. I maintain that policy on the basis that the "goings on" of the local people are part of the "Nature of Robertson" in a wide interpretation of the title.

But it has also developed as a Photo Blog, and in that regard, I will celebrate with several of my favourite photos.

This photograph of a White-breasted Sea Eagle was first published (in small format) in April 2006, after a visit to Narooma, on the far south coast of NSW. This is a larger file which should blow up to full screen size, if you click on the photo. The bird has blue eyes.Along with that, is my favourite Pelican image. This bird had literally tested the old adage:
"What a funny old bird is a Pelican? His beak can hold more than his belly can!" Quite literally, this bird had grabbed an off-cast poece of fish, left by a fisherman, who had simply chopped of the head of a large fish. The Pelican were squabbling over it and this fellow grabbed it, but was unable ot swallow it. Hence his manoeuvring of his beak and pouch, to try to line the fish head up, so that it could be swallowed. Eventually it gave up. But not before I managed to take this shot.The next photos are several interesting images of Ground Orchids.
The Small Tongue Orchid (Cryptostylis leptochila) has such a dramatic shape, it is always a favourite with photographers.Another favourite with photographers is the Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major). Normally one takes their photo from the side, to show the classic shape with the "head" of the flying duck in profile. In this case, I realised there was a small "flower spider" inside the flower, and she had spun her web across the face of the flower, and was waiting inside the flower, looking out, waiting for an insect pollinator to come to the flower. Click to enlarge.Thanks to all my readers. And I should offer particular thanks to Anni, who first inspired me to commence blogging.


David said...

Hi Denis,

Congrats on the 3rd birthday!
The photos are ever!
So, you were in Narooma for that superb Sea Eagle shot! time travel a little further and visit ok? :)


Mosura said...

Well done! 807 posts is a pretty good effort. I have a long way to catch up. (and probably never will)

Great selection of photos there too. Love the pelicans!

...Oh and thanks for regularly commenting on my blog too. I remember in one of my first posts you said, "Love your blog title!". It went right over my head until the similarity dawned on me a days later. In Scotland. way back, I had a web site titled "The Nature of Easter-Ross" :-)

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks David for the congrats.
I still am aware of your invitation. Thanks.
That visit to Narooma was during a break in treatment in Canberra in 2006. I would not have have gone there (recently) without contacting you.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mosura
Thanks for the good wishes.
Indeed I did make such a comment (a long time back). Don't worry, there is no copyright on a good idea. I still like your title (and mine). Nature is all about us - even in Scotland!
By the way, I am discovering to my embarrassment, that quality (accuracy) counts, not just quantity - hence the correction I have published in bold red for yesterday.

Snail said...

Congrats and happy anniversary, Denis.

More! More! More!

Miss Eagle said...

Congratulations, Denis. I haven't been around for the whole three years - but most of it. Your blog has improved and I am so pleased to see your wonderful nature photography taking its rightful place at centre stage. TNoR if a wonderful record of village life and politics in a very beautiful part of the world.

Blessings and bliss

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Denis,

And your pelican photo is FANTASTIC!


Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

congratulations on the longevity and quality of your blog. You are setting a fine example to other bloggers, and providing a valuable service to nature enthusiasts.

Not only have I learned a lot from your postings, but I will refer to your well-researched material and observations in the future.

Along with your excellent blogging, you have been an encouragement to me with my blogging, as well as gone out of your way many times to assist me with enquiries.

Many thanks, and I look forward to continuing to view your blog.

Well done!


Duncan said...

Happy third from me too Denis, always enjoy my visits, and what great photos, the pelican is a beauty, reminds me a bit of Wallace and Grommit.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail, Duncan, Miss Eagle, Chai and Gaye.
Thanks to all of you for the comments.
Duncan has pointed to an interesting feature of the Pelican shot - its comic potential, truly cartoon-like.
Gaye and Miss Eagle, you have both assisted me on various blogging issues, and that is appreciated, as is the personal encouragement.
Chai, you probably see lots of Pelicans when beach-combing, or snorkelling.
Snail, I shall keep on keeping on.

Thanks to all my readers.

Joe said...

Happy B-Day!!

Great shot of the sea eagle.

mick said...

I add my congratulations too on the 3rd b'day of your blog. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions you have made on my blog too. Sorry this is late - I've only had 'dial-up' available for the last few days and it kept stopping and starting.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick
I know about dial-up problems. Finally subscribed to broadband myself.
Thanks for the good wishes. Happy to have helped from time to time, in my small way. Encouragement is mutual.