Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year.

Congratulations and be Prosperous - "Kung hei fat choi". This is the Year of the Dog.

As the Chinese New Year starts, (it is a Spring festival, originally) it is appropriate to rejoice and to celebrate with family and friends, and to wish them prosperity. And so I do to you.

Tonight there was a combined pool party and Chinese New Year party at Jill's house. After a hot day, even your humble scribe enjoyed a swim. Monica gave me moral support in entering what was really the domain of the kids - the pool. But it was very pleasant once in the water. My first swim in years. Jasper made very convincing dog noises. Pleasant companionship, and good food and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Lena started her year, as she means to continue, by cleaning up the BBQ remnants. While Cassie, George, Blackie and little Max were doing doggie things like chasing balls, and yapping, Lena "worked the crowd", checking out the meat eaters. She had a very good party.

BJ had made 12 paper lanterns, which Boney had decorated. They looked great. Then BJ and Boney came out with Sage faggots which we burnt to cleanse the air, as we walked around in a procession, tinkling little bells (much to Lena's confusion, as she normally has a small bell on her collar).We even formed a little "Om" circle. I could even turn into one of those "New Agers". I wonder if there is an age limit?

A very pleasant New Year event, and lets hope it turns out well for all of us.

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ah said...

Sounds like a nice party... no one is going to believe this, but Andy and I forgot about it! We were commenting on the music coming from Jill's house, I was wondering about the cars parked at the end of the street, we went for a little walk, worked in the garden a bit. And then quite a bit later in the evening we recognised the sound of that weird plastic instrument of Anthony's, and suddenly Andy remembered that there had been talk of a party when we all met on Australia Day! (I had heard about it too, in passing, but too much happened that day for me to have properly registered.)
Thanks for the description, I feel as if I was there after all.