Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Our newest Citizen

Robertson has acquired a brand new citizen. Anni took the plunge, metaphorically, today, and joined our band of "Happy Little Vegemites". Congratulations, Anni.

Now, Anni, can you please resume Blogging? You have had too long off, playing musical word games with those talented young people in Canberra.


I have been rushing around like a headless chook, myself, so I missed posting a blog entry yesterday. sorry.

Personally I blame Boney and BJ, who took me with them to Bowral last night to hear Boney play drums (and do backing vocals - a cute "doo-whop" sound) along with Nick Rheinberger and vocalist Kerry-Ann. They were doing a "gig" at "Coffee Culture" in Bowral. Nick is the presenter of the Breakfast Show on ABC Illawarra (97.3 FM), but their web site has not yet caught up on his change of shift.

A fine night was had by all - most enjoyable.

And I even took a couple of cuttings of a very fine Jasmine plant growing in KerryAnn's garden - and put them in a pot straight away, late last night!

This morning I went to Sydney with Derek as a shuffle driver, to bring back a vehicle for him. I forget how I dislike Sydney - I was out of the car for less than 15 minues, and could not wait to escape the humidity, the smell, the noise, the crowded roads, and the low-flying aircraft. I think I can almost qualify as a hermit crab, scurrying back across the beach, looking for a shell to crawl into.

I returned to Mittagong, and after buying some lunch went and sat on top of the little hill at the lookout point on the side of Mt Alexandra. You could not see much, because it was still misty. But I happily sucked in the fresh, moist air, and breathed a sigh of relief. I was back in the Southern Highlands. This lookout is sign-posted from the main street in Mittagong, but it involves driving up a narrow bitumen track, half way up the hill. It was very quiet there, as usual. So I had no problem - there were no other vehicles. 15 minutes of peace and tranquility counterbalanced several hours of traffic, and noise.

One of these days, I shall persuade Jim to take me on a proper bushwalk around some of the famous tracks in that area, behind Mittagong.


derailuer said...

GREAT orchid shots on your other blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denis Wilson said...

Why, Thank you kindly.
Good to have a new visitor to the Orchid site. Little is happening with the Robertson bush Orchids at present - One day soon, the little Greenhood Orchids will wake up and start flowering.
I love the little Orchids, as they are so truly weird. It is almost like a different life force is driving them. They are like no other kinds of plants at all, in design, and the way they use insects for pollination. I mean, to say... Pseudo-copulation! Who would have thought to invent such a system? They are fascinating. Denis

ah said...

Thanks, I am back. And I am sorry but I might have waved a flag a bit yesterday. They gave me one of those before the ceremony, you see, and Jenny gave me a toy koala. And then there was the Bible with a big, golden Wingecarribee Shire logo. I'll have to post a picture of it tomorrow, I think.