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Monday, January 09, 2006

A reply from Mr Greg Hunt MP

In addition to "mouthing off" on the Blog yesterday, I wrote directly to
Mr Greg Hunt MP. This is what I said:

Mr Greg Hunt MP
Member for Flinders
Parliament House Canberra ACT.

Dear Mr Hunt
I am writing to correct some omissions which you made from your Press Release of 4 January 2006. "2005 Australia's warmest year on record".

Sir, Your press release is a travesty.
Then my email text pretty much repeated what I had said in the blog, yesterday. Then I concluded:
I stand by my personal opinions expressed in that blog, and in this email. I would be interested to read any reply you may wish to make, either by email, or on paper to the address given below.

Denis Wilson, etc...

Today Mr Hunt replied, as follows:

Dear Mr Wilson,
Thank you for your comments.
I would simply note that I first wrote publicly about Global warming in 1990, that I have argued consistently in Government about the reality of climate change and referred to its reality in statemtns (sic) to parliament, in speeches as well as on radio and television following the release of this latest information.
Indeed I also wrote at length about the reality of climate change in an article that The Age had told me they would publish on the same day as the release.
Unfortunately they did not.
I am however perplexed at the distinction between hottest and warmest. Both represent the notion of the highest temperature as an absolute statement.
Greg Hunt
Thanks to Mr Hunt for the reply. (That is a genuine comment, on my part).

I would only comment that all his efforts in
arguing "consistently in Government about the reality of climate change" have apparently had little effect, as yet. Lets hope he has more success soon.

It is good to see that he replies to emails over the summer season. It seems he also does his own emails, by the looks of it. It is better than most Politicians manage (including our own local Member!)

As for him feeling "perplexed" at the distinction between hottest and warmest. If that is true, why would he have bothered to change the words in the first place? I feel that his comment is disingenuous. I have told him so, directly, tonight.

Still, I do give him points for replying.

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