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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sultry Summer Days

It was a balmy, almost sultry, summer day in Robertson today. Neither too hot, nor too windy. As a regular commentator on the fogginess of Robertson it behoves me to record this "event", to set the record straight.

After my shift at the CTC I went to Carrington Falls (part of the Budderoo National Park). There were many large, noisy animals in the pool above the Falls. Judging by the metallic carapaces from which they apparently emerge, before entering the water, these animals were probably hominids, (an introduced species). So, not wishing to disturb them, (or to be disturbed by them) I left, to seek out quieter areas.

The tiny creek which flows into the Blue Pool was alive with various water insects - some which I knew as "speedboats" when I was a kid. They have solid bodies, about 1.5 cm long, and they move quickly across the surface of the water. These insects are also called "whirly-gig Beetles".

Others were a kind of insect with large legs with which it actually walks across the surface of the water. These guys are called "water striders" (see illustration below). They are members of the Gerridae family. Apparently these are also known as "Jesus Bugs" for their ability to walk on water.

Unfortunately I know very little about pond life, but there is a very useful NSW site about "waterbugs" from which these illustrations (above and below) have been borrowed - I wish to acknowledge that, and recommend visiting the site for yourself - using the link above.

The main point I wanted to make was that the water was alive with life - and that was what I could see with the naked eye. Imagine the microscopic life-forms which are thrashing their way around in these pools, invisible to the unaided eye.

I actually went looking for any Greenhood Orchids which might be lurking
in the mossy banks of the shady creek banks, but alas, I didn't find any. Maybe it is still too early in the season for them.


ah said...

When you say that the water was alive with life, did you have a swim yourself? The water in the Blue Pool is usually quite cold, it certainly was when Mum and I went for a swim in late October...

Denis Wilson said...

Anni - I would expect it to cold - in late October. It is quite a deep pool, from what I can see, anyway.
I did not venture in, yesterday, but I did enjoy the cooling sounds and the moist air surrounding the little creek trickling into the pool, through the overhanging Tea Trees.
It is a lovely spot - and best enjoyed without mobs of people around.