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Friday, January 20, 2006

Five idiosyncratic habits - a challenge from Anni

Anni has challenged me to list out 5 of my idiosyncratic habits (only 5, Anni, only 5?).

This is a form of thematic topic, for which the term a "meme" has been adopted. See Anni's earlier blog, and the subsequent debate on the meaning of the term, in the "comments" section.

Anni's working definition of a "meme" was:

"A meme is someone's original idea, that then spreads via blogs, and while doing so it evolves and mutates, because people make their own interpretations, add things, omit things etc."

To me that makes it seem like a form of "Chinese Whispers".

For a more academic definition of the term "meme" look at Wikipedia's entry, which gets quite philosophical.


Anyway, for my list:

(1) When having a Cappuccino, in a cafe where they do not have real sugar (crystals, or lumps), in real containers, but use those annoying little tubular paper sachets with white sugar in them; after using the sugar, I always flatten out the first sachet, then fold it lengthways, and insert it inside the second tube. Then I add the two little torn-off ends (also folded) inside the second tube. Then I twist the single remaining "tube" into a simple knot, and place it carefully on the saucer. Every time. I swear I do it every time. Even at the CTC cafe. My little "obsessive-compulsive" twitch, one might say.

(2) Being unable to publish the original drafted entry #(2), because it was far too revealing of my deepest psychological weaknesses. Shall we settle on "cowardice", or maybe "prudence"?

(3) I always try to use precise words, and correct punctuation and grammar. I hate using shorthand, and codes like "txt msgs", "BCNU" and (especially) "LOL" which some people seem to use, in messages on mobile phones, and in internet chat rooms. Ambiguity of language leads to ever greater confusion.

Confusion leads to stress.

Stress leads to conflict.

Conflict leads to war.

Let's try and prevent the problem, at its source.

Say what you mean: Mean what you say.

(4) Growing "Tree Peonies". That is both idiosyncratic and obsessive. One has to wait up to 7 years to grow a seedling to flowering stage. One cannot grow them from cuttings, and "grafting" is a truly specialised activity, which I have not yet mastered. Why bother? Precisely because it is so slow, and difficult.

(5) Being able to look past a sea of weeds (almost without seeing them) to one interesting flower, somewhere down amongst the wilderness which passes for my garden. And growing a garden in which, every day, there is always at least one interesting plant in flower. Every day, without fail.

(6) Loving tiny little native "ground orchids", some with flowers as small as a grain of rice.

(7) Giving Margaret in the Robertson Country Bakehouse the correct money, or at least the "small change", whenever I buy a Streak and Mushroom Pie ($3:10) . I hate my pockets being full of coins.

(8) Staying up all night on the computer, playing mind games.

(9) Not knowing when to stop.

You can see where the "variation" enters into this "meme" business. Once trapped into responding to Anni's challenge, I could not help digging a big hole for myself. Then I had to rescue myself by editing out my original #(2) entry - because it was too "confessional".

I should have put down as entry # (2): Reading Anni's Blog!


ah said...

So: LOL means really, WAR!
So glad to be home, although it was difficult to find the house at first because of the jungle surrounding it. How can the grass grow that much in a fortnight!?

Denis Wilson said...

Welcome back, Anni.

You asked me to look after the garden for you, so I arranged 2 weeks of wet, cool weather. And now you complain about the grass!
Welcome back.

By the way, I think you have stretched my meaning somewhat. LOL really should mean "Language of Laziness".